Age of Wonders: Planetfall - August 06, 2019     0

Age of Wonders: Planetfall - Everything you need to know!

Prepare to conquer new planets when Age of Wonders: Planetfall launches today. Get up to speed with the game in our handy recap guide while you wait! What is Age of Wonders: Planetfall? Age of Wonders: Planetfall, published by Paradox...

Age of Wonders: Planetfall - August 06, 2019     0

Gamesplanet Review Round Up: Age of Wonders: Planetfall

Travel to exotic planets with the 4x strategy game Age of Wonders: Planetfall, which is launching today on PC. See what the critics are saying with our review round up while you wait! It's been 5 years since the last Age of Wonders game, but the...

August 06, 2019     0

Gamesplanet Summer Sale 2019: Day 2 Guide

The deals keep coming as we hit Day 2 of our Summer Sale 2019, with even more great offers up for grabs. Once again we've teamed up with ASUS to bring you over 1,900 deals with 24 hour Daily, Weekly Deals and more! Our Summer Sale runs from...

Wolfenstein: Youngblood - August 05, 2019     0

Wolfenstein: Youngblood 4k Graphics Comparison Video (Mein Leben, High and Low)

Fight for Paris in Wolfenstein: Youngblood and find out how the game looks in 4k on 3 graphical settings as PixelPerfect is back with another Graphics Comparison video for the game. Are there any differences between each? Since the game is rated...

August 05, 2019     0

Gamesplanet Summer Sale 2019: Day 1 Guide

Enjoy the Summer Sun as our annual Summer Sale has begun with plenty of treats to keep you busy during the hot days. Once again we've teamed up with ASUS to bring you over 1,900 deals with 24 hour Daily, Weekly Deals and more! Our Summer Sale...

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - August 01, 2019     0

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Multiplayer Reveal Trailer + Details

Experience a new war later this year when the rebooted Call of Duty: Modern Warfare launches on October 25th 2019. This completely new title from developer Infinity Ward will push the series in not only impressive new visuals, but new gameplay...

Borderlands 3 - August 01, 2019     0

Borderlands 3: Moze Character Trailer

Moze shows everyone she means business in a brand new gameplay trailer for Borderlands 3, ahead of the September 13th 2019 launch. Best known as "Moze the Gunner", she always has backup available thanks to her giant "Iron Bear" mech, which packs...

GRID - July 31, 2019     0

GRID: Hunt for Fernando Alonso in the New Havana Gameplay Trailer

Codemasters rolls out a new gameplay trailer for GRID from their workshop ahead of the October 11th release date. The video shows us the new track "Havana Street Circuit", where the racing cars of the 2018 IMSA WeatherTech Sports Car Championship...

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