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Steel Division 2 - Black Sunday (GOG) - Cover / Packshot
Steel Division 2 - Black Sunday (GOG) - Cover / Packshot
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DLC INFO: This additional content requires Steel Division 2 (GOG) in order to play.

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June 20, 2019

RTS Sequel Steel Division 2 - Now Available

Jump into War as Eugen Systems RTS sequel Steel Division 2 is now available. Enlist onto the battlefield today and take on WW2 action with tanks, planes and more! Developer Eugen Systems...

May 29, 2019

Steel Division 2: Pre-order Beta begins, play until release!

Head into battle as the Non-Stop Beta for Eugen Systems upcoming RTS sequel Steel Division 2 is now available for all game owners. Pre-order the game today and play until the release! ...

Description of Steel Division 2 - Black Sunday (GOG)

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Transporting the player to the southern battlefields of Romania, Steel Division 2 - Black Sunday is the third expansion of the popular World War 2 RTS set on the Eastern Front.

Late August 1944 and the Red Army is poised to invade Romania and knock out the wavering Axis ally with a massive two-pronged strategic offensive. Arranged in front of the Soviets, depleted Romanian and German formations hold the frontier. Will they crumble, echoing real life during that hot, chaotic summer, or will they throw up a stalwart defense and change the course of history?

The Steel Division 2 - Black Sunday History DLC greatly expands a player’s experience and arsenal with two (!) complete Army General strategic campaigns, 6 meticulously researched playable Divisions including 3 Axis Romanian formations, 150 new units, 2 new Aces, 15 new Camouflage Skins, and much more.

Steel Division 2 - Black Sunday is included in the Steel Division 2 - History Pass, Steel Division 2 - General Deluxe Edition and Steel Division 2 - Total Conflict Edition.


  • Experience the Jassy-Kichinev offensive into Axis Romania during World War 2 with two brand-new Army General strategic campaigns, each focussing on one of the massive pincers of this Soviet assault in August 1944. Each campaign can be played and replayed solo or online with the free Army General Versus mode.

  • Customize your own battlegroup with 6 new Divisions, including 3 Romanian, fully voiced and featuring their own unique weapons, infantry, and vehicles. Gain access to the The “Greater Romania” 1 Blindata armored division, 5 Cavalerie Motorizata and the mountaineers of the Div. 4 Munte on the Axis side. As the Allies, you’ll get to choose from 7-y Mekh. Korpus, the naval troops of Morsk. Gruppa Bakhtina or the elite paratroopers of 3-ya VDV.

  • Control a host of new soldiers on the battlefield, such as the Romanian Rosiori cavalrymen, Vanatori de Munte mountaineers or Vanatori Moto motorized infantry, or the elite Soviet VDV paratroopers. Many of the new elite troops in Steel Division 2 - Black Sunday feature the “Raider” trait, allowing them to fight behind enemy lines with fewer penalties.

  • Command over 150 new units, including indigenous Romanian designs, such as the TACAM T-60, the powerful Resita AC 75mm AT gun, and Vanatorul de Care R-35 tank destroyer. There is much more: from Italian license-built JRS-79B bombers andIAR-80M fighters to Soviet off-map MLRS rocket BKA riverboats, repurposed SU-76i tank destroyers, and T-80s tanks.

  • Deploy 2 new Aces: the daredevil Romanian tank buster ace Lazar Munteanu, and the long-serving Konstantin Dmitrievich Denisov, a Soviet fighter ace with more than 536 combat missions flown.

  • Give your favorite tank a fresh paint job with 15 new alternative Camouflage Skins, from official French early war patterns for the R-35 to a Panther D’s special Kursk camouflage or the Moscow 1942 air defense markings for a Spitfire Mk VB fighter.

System Requirements Steel Division 2 - Black Sunday (GOG)

Windows Minimal

OS: 64-bit Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7 with Service Pack 1
CPU: Intel Celeron G4920 | AMD Athlon 200GE
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 | AMD Radeon RX 460
Audio: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
DirectX: DirectX 11


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