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The Product Category Rule (PCR)

The factors that influence a game's environmental footprint are manifold. In order to better assess where we can start to achieve improvements, it was necessary to develop measurement methods and indicators. To this end, we worked with the experts at Resilio Solutions. The result is a method for measuring the impact of games in the form of a Product Category Rule (PCR).

The assessments of the impact of certain products contained in the PCR are based, among other things, on life cycle assessments and life cycle analyses in accordance with recognised standards (ISO 14040/44). Our methodology is openly accessible, transparent and can be further developed. It has been submitted to ADEME, the Agency for Ecological Transition in France, as a proposal for a new standard to be created.

ADEME has already published further standards. These include a PCR standard for digital services, broken down by product category (developed with the participation of the NegaOctet consortium. Another PCR, for the provision of internet access, was developed jointly with the French telecommunications companies and ARCEP.

The ADEME standards provide a reference framework for the methodology for assessing the environmental impact of digital services and products in France and offer a set of common rules for the creation of other PCRs in the digital and infrastructure sectors.

Based on the Product Category Rule we developed with Resilio Solutions, the next step was to develop the Eco Gaming Score. It is designed to give all parties a better understanding of the environmental impact of a game.