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The Eco Gaming Score, what is it?

The Eco Gaming Score, a rating scale developed in collaboration with Resilio Solutions, provides information on the environmental impact of the games offered on Gamesplanet.

Our analysis currently only covers the use of a game on a home PC and the production of the hardware, which accounts for the majority of the environmental impact. The phases of conception, production, distribution and sale of a downloaded game are not assessed using the existing method.

We have submitted the methodology for the calculation as a so-called Product Category Rule (PCR) at ADEME.

The Eco Gaming Score assesses the impact of one hour of playtime using a specific hardware configuration. The entire life cycle of the hardware, from manufacture to disposal, is taken into account.

The hardware components included are initially based on the minimum requirements of a game. The theoretical effects are determined on this basis. At a later stage, the calculation will also be possible on the basis of the hardware actually used by the customer.

For each component of a configuration, the impact in terms of water consumption, depletion of fossil fuels and abiotic elements and rare earths is quantified. These factors are then normalised to the planetary boundaries per capita and added up.

The above result is assigned a letter that represents the impact of a particular configuration. We categorise all values into classes from A to E, where C defines an average impact, A is significantly better and E is significantly worse than the average.

To determine the intervals, the method of equal width between the lowest and highest score is used.