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What are Eco Tags?

We're convinced that games can help to raise awareness of the environmental impact our way of living has. Eco Tags identify games with this "ecological soft power".

The idea that games can positively influence our environmental behaviour is not new and is being pursued by various players in the games industry. For example, Ubisoft presented the "Climate Game Toolkit" in 2021. It was developed by Arnaud Fayolle (Artistic Director at Ubisoft) and is designed to help developers incorporate positive environmental elements directly into games.

Another initiative is the Green Game Jam project by the Playing 4 the Planet Alliance. It encourages participating studios to integrate features, worlds, events, storylines or other creations and messages into their games that emphasise environmental issues.

The Eco Tags at Gamesplanet are designed to help our customers find games that contain elements of "ecological soft power".

We have developed the following Eco Tags:

  • Aesthetics: The game emphasises nature, creates emotions through beautiful landscapes or encourages the player to explore.
  • Narrative: The story/scenario presents the environment or certain environmental topics as important themes for the game.
  • Gameplay: Game mechanics utilise the natural environment or specific environmental themes
  • Publisher/Developer Policy: The game was developed with the idea of reducing its environmental impact through certain aspects (e.g.: graphical simplicity, code optimisation, CO2 offset programme, use of recycled resources).

We hope that this will enable us to better identify the positive signals that games can have, as well as activities by some right holders, and that the Eco Tags will give our customers a different view of selected games in the catalogue.