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Take me to my GAMES the heart of your account will be your Games library. At first this will be empty, in order to ensure your happiness you will need to fill this as soon as possible with wild and wonderful games!!

Click on your account in "my games": in the upper part are your recent purchases and below the covers you will find all of the game info:

  1. Game title
  2. Status of your order
  3. Purchase date + order ID
  4. The price you paid
    my games

When you click on a game you will get the following detailed information:

  1. Details about your purchase, like price, payment method and order ID
  2. Activation key, also known as serial number, if the game requires one
  3. Downloadable files (with the Gamesplanet Downloader or as single files)
  4. If the game uses Steam, Origin, Ubisoft Connect or another way for activation, you will find this information + instructions instead of the downloadable files
    details to my games

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